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Anyone who has been through puberty can attest to the daily struggle of acne. It's not from eating too much chocolate or oily foods, but from a build-up of dirt, oil, or makeup within the pores. This then can cause an infection which is where the acne comes in. With the amount of over the counter creams available, consumers are spending a fortune on pills and creams that one, have not been proven to work, and two don't get rid of the acne scars. What's worse is some may contain outdated ingredient levels that have been considered unsafe from the FDA.

However, the University of New York College of Medicine study has found and proven the effectiveness of niacinamide acne cream in treating acne, reducing the appearance of acne scars, as well as fighting ageing while reducing wrinkles. They have found that it is a safe, effective way to clear away mild to severe acne while decreasing dryness, redness, irritation, and hyperpigmentation spots, also known as age spots.

Unlike other over the counter creams that have multiple steps to do in order to clean, moisturize, and protect, niacinamide acne cream is a onestep system. No one wants to spend a long time with multiple steps in their busy lives. One of the best niacinamide acne creams is Acnessential. It has been proven to treat existing acne while preventing the start of new. According to research there has not been any troubling side effects reported with continued use of niacinamide acne cream and is safe for even severely sensitive skin.

If you, yourself, or someone you know suffers from the embarrassment of acne or acne scars, let them know they aren't alone and there is help. Even celebrities get acne, sometimes more severe than you or I due to the heavy amount of makeup they have to wear. By using Acnessential niacinamide cream even they can protect their skin against aging, wrinkling, and reduce age spots. What more would a celebrity want? So before going to the pharmacy or retail store and trying multiple types of overpriced products that just don't work try Acnessential cream.  For more information and to buy Acnessential, visit

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